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Amalaki and JointSpark | Combo pack of 2 (60 + 60 Tablets)

Amalaki and JointSpark | Combo pack of 2 (60 + 60 Tablets)

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Amalaki, commonly known as Indian Gooseberry or Amla, is considered one of the most powerful rejuvenating Herbs in Ayurveda. In Sanskrit, Amalaki means “the sustainer” and has traditionally been prescribed to strengthen the immune system and Cool the body. JointSpark blocks the synthesis of pro-inflammatory 5-lipoxygenase products, including 5-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (5-HETE) and leukotriene B4 (LTB4). It enhances endogenous synthesis, prevents enzymatic degradation of joints and stimulates proteoglycan synthesis and reverses the degeneration of joints.


1. Amla is the best source of vitamin C hence supports the immune system.
2. Amalaki tablets help to improve digestion and stomach functioning. 3. Daily consumption of this herbal supplement may help to improve eye health & hair strength.
4. Amla extract helps in vata, kapha & pitta doshas.
5. This product is a natural supplement , vegan and gluten free.

1. JointSpark is the natural joint supplement which contains glucosamine hydrochloride,Cissus quadrangularis, zingiber officinale , boswellia serrata.
2. JointSpark supports joint flexibility and joint health.
3. Daily consumption of this product provides relief in pain, swelling and stiffness in joints.
4. Happy Millions JointSpark has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to manage joint pain.
Dosage - One tablet twice a day after meals.


Ingredients: Amalaki Extract 1000mg Additives : Dicalcium phosphate (341(ii)), Magnesium Stearate (470(ii)), Talc (553(iii)), IPA, Starch Contains permitted natural color. Ingredients: Glucosamine hydrochloride 500mg, Cissus quadrangularis 100mg, Zingiber officinale 50mg, Boswellia serrate 250mg Additives : Di Calcium phosphate 341(ii), Magnesium stearate (470(ii)), Talc (553(iii)), IPA, starch Contains permitted natural color.

Nutritional facts

Amalaki Energy 0 Kcal, Carbs 0g, Fat 0g, Protein 0g, Sugar 0g Jointspark: Carb 0.39g, sugar 0g, protein 0g, Fat 0g,

Direction for use

Take an tablet twice a day after breakfast and dinner with a glass of water or as recommended by the physician.

Safety information

Place in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children. Keep it away from direct sunlight. Read the label carefully before use.

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